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La Familia de Ruiz: Our History






The Ruiz family has over 100 years of experience in the produce industry. We specialize in tropical fruits such as mangos and limes, which are available year around from Mexico and South America. We work with only the best growers and shippers to bring you only the best fruits and vegetables available on the market today.

Our Goals

Provide a product that customers can trust. We accomplish this by representing only the top growers and shippers' brands, and through our 3-step quality assurance process:
• We work together with growers to hand-pick only the best fruit, harvested daily.
• When the product arrives in the U.S. it is re-inspected by a Ruiz Sales associate.
• Before leaving our docks the fruit is given one last final grade.

Provide dependable deliveries. Our commitment is proven by the awards we receive:

Blue Book award With a mark of excellence in service and performance, in 1997 we were awarded Blue Book Trading Member. This award is the highest and most prestigious award earned in the produce industry.
That same year we were awarded the Red Book produce award for integrity in business.

Work with our customers to increase their sales. The U.S. Hispanic population will nearly double by the year 2050. We are 100% Hispanic owned and operated, and understand this significantly growing target market. We will work with you to connect with your customers, to be uniquely engaging based on what sets you apart.

Promote a healthy diet. We support the Produce for Better Health Foundation's "have a plant", and include their logo on our Fresh Health™ label. The largest portion of this website is dedicated to Consumer Resources, where we provide health and nutritional information, and a growing library of recipes that feature fresh fruits and vegetables.


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